Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 9


intro - chapter 9

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Bhaja Govindam – Notes


a)Unique feature of human being which differentiates him from Animal is faculty of free will, choice.

Bhaja govindam - Table


Bhaja govindam - chart

Definition of Human being :

  • One who accepts and exercises free will and choice.
  • Scriptures addressing those who accept free will to decide their future.

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Advaita Makaranta – Notes


1. Advaita Makaranda is an advanced Manana Prakarana Grantha text composed in the 15th century by Lakshmidharakawi.

2. Consists of 28 verses and establishes oneness of Jivatma and Paramatma.

3. Makaranda is the honey which drips from these verses on Advaita philosophy.

4. What is the fundamental truth of Vedanta?

  • Lasting peace, enduring peace is possible only by Attainment of Moksha.
  • Nitya Sukha Ichha only by Moksha Ichha.

Advaita Makaranta - chart

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Upadesa Sahasri – Chapter 18



1) Gadya Baga :

Upadesa Sahasri - chart 1

2) Upadesha :

  • Guru Sishya Samvada – Sruti to humanity.

3) Chapter 18 :

  • 233 Slokas, Analysis – Mahavakya

Like Vakya Vritti :   

  • Deeper More Purva Paksha.

This is Shankaras writing :

  • Viveka / Sadhana Panchakam / Aparoksha – May not be Shankaras.
  • Not included in Shankara Grantha Valli.

Wrong Conception :

Upadesa Sahasri - chart 2

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